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Mission & Vision


The vision of the foundation is to preach maximum people about our sacred ancient rituals. Their mission is also to enlighten people about the importance of the holy Yagnya and the power of Vedas. They visualize to propagate the potential of the astrology activity is far more than just to predict the events. They have the vision of a peaceful planet where people know the significance of the right prosperity and wealth and are our holy beliefs. To expound the power of Ashvamedh Yagnya, which is the direct window to the ultimate solitude.


The mission of the foundation is to avail the long lost or fading knowledge which our Rishi Muni had gathered in ancient times. To create awareness amongst people about brotherhood, humbleness, eternal energy, importance of good deeds so as to reform the evil components from humanity and bring in universal peace. They tend to teach people how to eliminate or to handle the sorrows and to lead the best life in this birth as well as the next ones through Ashvamedh Yagnya. To teach people that even to accomplish the commissary of the Ashvamedh Yagnya successfully, one has to take millions of births to become that pure and Holy Spirit which becomes privileged.